Hi Craig,

Just to let you know that I love riding in my new saddle. It's real groovy!



Hi Craig

My saddle arrived on Tuesday, I love it!!!  It is beautiful and fits Shadow perfectly.  I rode yesterday in the paddock, cantered around a bit, had the rear cinch fairly tight and he coped real well, I am pleased that I did the flank roping with him.  Today I am going for a trail ride, its great having a saddle that fits him, and I can tie all my gear onto it! 

Thank you, Jo


Hi Craig, 

Just thought I'd drop you a line to let you know how the saddle's going.

Went for a short ride today. I'm stoked! The saddle was a perfect fit for me and was good on my horse too.

Owing to the stretch in the new leather as it settled, had to tighten the girth a couple of times and put my ox bows up a couple of holes... other than that, all was sweet!

You have done a great job! Thanks again for taking the time to figure out exactly what it was I was after.

I have no hesitation in recommending you to anyone.

Cheers, Ray


Hi Craig,

The saddle is amazing. We had 3 days of 6-8 hours in the saddle, riding over some pretty challenging terrain. I was comfortable and the horse was comfortable. I had alot of gear tied to the saddle and it never moved. I would love to talk to you about it soon. The saddle is clean and will be with the courier tomorrow to return to you. Rob and Mandy of the Hurunui Horse Treks were both very impressed with it. That self centering girth is amazing-on the biggest day the saddle never moved and the girth moved to the best position on the horse. I cant wait till I have mine!

Cheers, Vicki.


Hi Craig,

The saddle arrived here on Friday. I rode the quarterhorse on Sat and she must have been so comfortable-she fairly flew around the arena and kept offering me a soft controlled canter. The saddle now looks great on her.

Thank you. I now own the perfect saddle.


Cheers, Vicki



Hi Craig

Thank you so much for my saddle.  I just love it.  Rode in it today and fits my horse but then you knew it would!!!!   Really happy with it.  

Thanks again. 





Hi Craig

I received my saddle to day and it is awesome I went straight out for ride this evening it felt great.

Thanks Penny.



Hello Craig

picked up saddle Friday thanks for that. Just want too say how beautiful and

comfortably it is .and appears to me to fit like a glove. So thanks from me

and proberly a bigger thanks from my pony’s. Also not as heavy as I expected

and easy  enough to swing on one very happy customer.





Hi Craig

Saddle arrived safely, I am really happy with it and I love the carving, its

a real work of art. I have been for a ride this afternoon, Its a good fit and no dry

patches, Rosie seemed very happy.


Thanks for the beautiful saddle, Its been a real pleasure dealing with you.


Regards Roz Armitage.



Hi Craig,

I love my saddle. It gets well used and is noticed and admired whenever we

go out. This was taken at Labour weekend on our 3 day trek south of Oamaru.

Hope all is well with you. Best wishes,

Vicki Hoggard




Hi there

I have had a saddle of yours in the past that I brought off Lynne Henry (no.0300) I sold it as my horse grew It didn't fit him well and it was a 15", where I really need a 16".  One of the biggest mistakes I ever made was selling that saddle.  I purchased an Alamo saddle which has never fit right.  I gave up riding for a couple of years and have now got my horse going again and need a properly made and fitted saddle.  He is a large Silverado paint (high and wide) and I have had a hard time finding anything to fit him well.  The only saddle I want is one of yours.  I would love something similar to what I had before and was wondering if you could give me some idea of timeframe and cost also what the process it for fitting etc.  thanks for your time and I look forward to hearing from you soon.



Hi Craig.

This is just a stab in the dark but do you

 occassionally here of people selling your saddles? I've been trying to

 find one for my partner but he can't afford a new one.

 Kind regards, Kim


Sorry Kim, Dont realy here of them being sold second hand.

Regards Craig Earley


Hi Craig

Not surprised! I've had mine for 8 years now and the amount

of people who have put themselves "in line" if I ever decide to

sell it is quite amusing! So thanks for the beautiful saddle. :)


Kind regards, Kim